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Scarborough Fair was recorded and performed by Simon and Garfunkel as the title track of their 1966 album of the same title. Though it would be natural to assume they were the authors, since Paul Simon especially was and is an extraordinarily gifted songwriter, it is in actuality many centuries old, with a storied history, and a variety of lyric versions from across the years – dozens, if not hundreds.

This lullaby-friendly melody calls up English ballads from the Middle English Period, when indeed it was written, dating to at least 1670 and perhaps earlier.

You can hear 11 beautiful and gentle lullabies, including Scarborough Fair, at this web location.

Scarborough Fair played prominently in the soundtrack for “The Graduate”, and Bob Dylan lifted some lines from the melody for his tune “Girl From The North Country.”

Justin Hayward (formerly of the Moody Blues) recorded it with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and Sara Brightman included it in her 2000 album release “La Luna.”

Other artists too numerous to mention have recorded this English ballad, including The King’s Singers and Celtic Woman.

As a lullaby, Scarborough Fair works quite nicely, with its plaintive, modal melody, minor chords, and gently flowing accompaniment. As with the other songs on this initial offering from Baby Lullaby Music, these lullabies are perfect not only for playing for and singing to the little ones as they drift off into the Land Of Nod, but for other times during the day when a soothing, quieting¬† influence will help to produce calm in the child’s (and adult’s) heart.

Scarborough Fair was a fair held in England in the Middle Ages that lasted for 45 days!  Scarborough is also a burg in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.