Baby Lullaby Music

Soothing Lullabies proven to make you sleepy.

Moonlight Sonata is simply transcendent in its tranquil beauty. There are conflicting opinions as to Beethoven’s inspiration for the gentle first movement of this piano sonata; the prevailing thought is that he wrote it with a mind to a young lady to whom he was attracted, Countess Giulietta Gucciardi.

Few classical pieces are as perfectly fit to be a lullaby as the Moonlight Sonata, especially with slight changes in the dynamics – not playing quite as strong as indicated  in the middle portion of the song. The slow but gently rhythmic triplets are hypnotic in their continuation from start to finish; the melody is quite simple, even static, changing notes at a sleepy pace, adding to the comforting and relaxing feeling the song engenders.

When we think of Beethoven’s most famous compositions, the Moonlight would certainly be near the top of the list, perhaps only surpassed by the unforgettable opening declaration of  “Beethoven’s 5th” (bah-bah-bah-bah——–), and his “Ode to Joy”, also known as “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee”, the triumphant orchestra and choir masterpiece from his 9th symphony.

The Moonlight Sonata is equally at home as a lullaby to induce sleep, or simply to quiet or relax the spirit of a child or adult. Click here to listen to the Moonlight Sonata and 10 more lullabies for relaxation and sleep.

The arranger for Baby Lullaby Music has also included the Moonlight Sonata on his Wedding Music Project website, on this Preludes Of Classic Beauty album. He happens to gravitate to classical music when it makes sense – having been trained as a classical pianist, and loving the classics. You can hear snippets of the Moonlight and many other classical (and some contemporary) songs that might fit into a wedding day in some capacity on this Wedding Music Samples collection – about 60 mostly very familiar classic and contemporary songs, each sample being quite brief – 10-20 seconds in length, as a way for married couples-to-be and wedding planners to plan their wedding music.