Baby Lullaby Music

Soothing Lullabies proven to make you sleepy.

Getting Baby to Sleep can be difficult! Our lullabies can help. 5 ways our music will help with getting baby to sleep:

  1. The volume level is even throughout – no sudden changes in volume to wake your sleeping or almost sleeping little one.
  2. Our songs are carefully recorded, avoiding harsh sounds that could startle and wake your baby.
  3. Slow and sleep-inducing is the rule for song tempos. No need for sprightly music here!
  4. Our beautiful music relaxes you; when you are relaxed, it helps your baby to relax.
  5. The last song is a serene 20 minutes of Pachelbel’s Canon in D, one of the most relaxing chord progressions in music.

    Getting baby to sleep is your goal, and it’s our goal too. (You might want to start playing the music at a low volume a few minutes before bedtime to relax you and your child).

    If you’ll need less than 20 minutes of music, simply play the “Pachelbel’s Canon in D Extended” (20 minute version), the last song, for continuous soft music as you put the little one to sleep – with the caveat that I’m continually experimenting with song sequence to see what seems to work best, so the extended Pachelbel may sometimes be in a different place in the lullaby sequence.

    We are continually striving to improve our lullaby music to make it even more effective at getting baby to sleep. Recently we added the entrancing “Prelude in Db” by Chopin. Songs include Brahm’s Lullaby (you’ll hear a mother softly humming along in the background), All Through The Night featuring the “daddy choir” in the background, Beethoven’s magical Moonlight Sonata, All The Pretty Horses, and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.