Baby Lullaby Music

Soothing Lullabies proven to make you sleepy.

I love music, and I love great songs. Whether it’s a lullaby or a hymn, wedding music, a classic love song or a country ballad, I appreciate a tune that’s well crafted.  I’m a songwriter, so it’s only natural to look for the best  lullabies – those with memorable melodies, beautiful and soothing music, or a lyric that somehow catches the ear – lights the imagination, if you will.

Admittedly, the lyrics of a lullaby are not always going to change the world – but there some that are prettier than others, and I prefer to expose my children and others’ to the best music, so they develop naturally high musical standards as they grow and learn and develop in their musical sensitivities. Music is very important to a child’s development, in my opinion; I firmly believe we need to make every effort to keep music education in our schools even in these difficult economic times.

Hey, get me off my soapbox. This is supposed to be Baby Lullaby Music, not Philosophy of Children’s Music 101!

Sometime soon, I’ll be working with a friend from Argentina on a Spanish language lullabies album, at I expect it will be a bit more acoustic guitar oriented – time will tell.

In my first blog post I mentioned we’ve had great response to this first project, and a couple others are already in the planning stages. I can’t wait to start recording! I think they’ll be creatively a bit different, but still very gentle and relaxing.

I hope you enjoy our music. Please comment on one of the blog posts if you have any suggestions for lullabies you would like us to include on the next project – there are plenty of obscure (and perhaps common) songs that we either haven’t heard or thought of yet.

Another couple of albums that have my creative imprint are Wedding Processional Songs & a Wedding Music Samples album the wedding music project site. Check it out – the samples album is a great way for couples to choose their wedding music quickly and easily, and the processional songs album is our top selling album – it has 28 great choices for wedding music of all varieties - prelude, processional, ceremony music, wedding recessional songs, and even some love songs that would be sweet for a rehearsal dinner or a wedding morning soundtrack. You can find some of my wedding songs & lullaby music on Pinterest as well.

Steve Millikan