Baby Lullaby Music

Soothing Lullabies proven to make you sleepy.

Baby Lullaby Music might make you sleeeepy… Listen to all 14 lullabies FREE! Our soothing lullaby music is carefully recorded and mixed to help you and the little one(zzzz) relax and drift gently to sleep!

Baby Lullaby Music features the arrangements of Steve Millikan, noted composer, arranger, and songwriter with 2 gold albums to his credit, and co-writer of the song “Fat Baby” (seems appropriate somehow), recorded by Amy Grant on her platinum album “Age to Age.” His gentle and soothing arrangements will have you and the little ones nodding off in no time.

Special care was taken to feature the softer tones in the music, and to avoid loud, startling, or “bright” sounds more appropriate for waking up or play time. One of the songs is an extended version of the much-loved “Pachelbel’s Canon in D“, with the gentle sounds of a quiet stream mixed into the background. The less well known “Still, Still, Still” is a very pretty and comforting song you may not be familiar with; it can often be heard around the holidays sung by a church choir or children’s group.

Not convinced yet? Take a relaxed listen to the first few lullabies (Brahm’s Lullaby, All Through The Night, & Moonlight Sonata), and you’ll see why we’re excited to offer this wonderful music for sleep-inducement or relaxation. Seriously! It’s really good music for babies and toddlers. And let’s be honest – there are occasions when it would be nice to have a little extra help getting the young ones to settle down and drift away.

The creative team at Baby Lullaby Music is already planning the third project, as the response to the first two has been very positive. If it goes as planned, it will be a much more difficult endeavor for us – but definitely worth the wait. Stay tuned…

Wedding Processional Songs for Brides & Bridesmaids is another wonderful collection of music from the pen (pencil, computer, recording studio, mind) of arranger & producer Steve Millikan.

Admin. note: the second lullaby album is now available here: Baby Lullaby Music Lullaby MP3 Download Favorites. For the future, Lullabies in Spanish: Canciones De Cuna

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